Capital Squares

by Levi Bradis

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Welcome to the Capital Squares album. All guitar, bass, drums, synth and vocals created and composed by Levi Bradis. I would like to thank all the friends and family over the years that have supported and helped me get through the tragedy and celebrate the love of life and music. Always dedicate my music to my Parents and Sister who left this world too early and my Grandparents who raised me and were always there for me. I will never forget what you have done for me in life. I would also like to thank all of the bands over the years I had a chance to be in and the friendships that came out of them. Everybody But Himself, The Psychedelic Crop Dusters, Mescaline, Groovalicious Grape, F.D.A. Once a Pawn and Gravid Thought.


released November 27, 2014

Would like to send a shout out to the people who helped me get out of western Nebraska after my Grandfather passed away. Pat Garcia, Brenda and Linda of Twin Ducks Diner, Matt and Mary Prochazka and everyone who came out to KC's that braved that snowy night to celebrate the life of Joe and Delores Rojas. Would also like to send a shout out to the people who helped me when I made it to Lincoln. Letting me crash on you're couches and your hospitality until I could find a apartment of my own. Dylan Wall, Sam Stinson, Matt Bishop, Cheyenne Flotree, Julie French, Jason Hughes, Casey Sebby, Nick Schademann and Kevin Sullivan. Would like to thank Dustin Ferguson. In between doing a video for a super group that has members of KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, and Revolting Cocks you have time to do a video for little old me which I appreciate and I am thankful for. Thanks to all the people who work or have worked at Open Harvest while I have been there. You have helped give me back my sense of humor which I appreciate and am thankful for as well. Thank you all for listening and your support!



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Levi Bradis Lincoln, Nebraska

Levi Bradis has a rock & roll story that got him into music for the right reasons. As a depressed, angst-ridden teenager who had lost his parents and sister by age 13, Levi looked toward music to channel that angst and depression and became an amazing musician. Raw, energetic, psychedelic, and spanning different genres, Levi always puts his heart & soul into his music. ... more

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Track Name: Penetration of the Cosmos
Dark matter is all I see. No sign of life or light. Everything's so desolate. Nothing here is in my sight. Void of Dreams and void of faith. Drifting lost in endless space. With no direction with no meaning. A cosmic soul with out no feeling. Our planets will align. Our planets will collide. Our atmospheres intertwine. Giving birth to time and life. A light sparks within the distance. I sense something pulling me. It's something so interstellar. Some kind of gravity. I feel the velocity of some distant galaxy. I understand the destiny when I crash into this body.
Track Name: As Seen on T.V.
Used by the stars. As seen on T.V. Profits for you. Plastic for me. Operators are standing by. Order now. Its a limited time. When the product arrives its already broken. I'll request a refund. They're never open. All these charges I didn't expect and all these add ons I didn't request.
Track Name: Surf Punkers From Outer Space
Surf punkers from outer space. They're in love with the human race. In search of killer waves and tasty buds and close encounters with different drugs. Their spaceship crashed through my ceiling. Alienation has a whole new meaning. They ate my food and smoked my weed. and I don't think they're gonna leave. Surf punkers from outer space. In their planet they are so out of place. Where drugs are banned and bars are closed and all their workforce does is anal probes.
Track Name: Tale of Revival
Everything I thought would inspire. Withered away and expired. Every day is just like survival. The never ending tale of my revival. Of all the hopes and dreams I desire. Get ruined by hypocrites and liars. Channel your stress through a pack of cigarettes and think about all the things that you regret.
Track Name: Selfless
Use me! Confuse me! Then lose me! This is what you do to me! Please me! Then tease me! Then leave me! This is what you do to me! Why are you so selfish? And why am I so selfless. Place me! Then break me! Forsake me! This is what you do to me! Embrace me! Then taste me! Then waste me! This is what you do to me!
Track Name: Bar Scene
You say I'm a punk. You're a fucking drunk. You say I'm a prick. You can suck my dick. You're fucked up in the head. I wish that you'd drop dead. You say I'm a loser. You're the fucking abuser. You've got acceptance that makes you feel great but you better get the fuck out of my face. I see you walking around. I want to beat your head to the ground and I don't give a fuck what you say because I do things my fucking way.
Track Name: Fuck You All
I'm standing with my face against the wall. Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you all. What the hell are you trying to do and what the hell are you trying to prove. Oh god no. Oh my soul. I don't have any plans or schemes. All I got are my fucking dreams. It doesn't matter if you live or die and it doesn't matter if I ask why. I don't care about anything but you have to care about something It doesn't matter if you live or die and it doesn't matter if I ask why.
Track Name: Everything's Fine
And I try to find a way but its still the same. You will take all the credit and I will be the one they blame. Everything's fine. Everything's cool Everything's ok Everything's fine Everything's Cool. Everything's your way. And I try to find a path but it seems you own my map and everything that I achieve always ends up in your grasp. Everything's fine. Everything's cool Everything's ok Everything's fine Everything's Cool. Everything's your gain.